Ghitech Vision

To help Learning and Development professionals/practitioners to create
Human-focused Learning (HFL) experiences that will yield high impact of
Return on Investment. (ROI)

Ghitech Mission

The vision is achieved through making learning experiences to be fun,
memorable action-centric, indelible, motivating and engaging. We do this
through our six cardinal goals

  • to Inspire
  • to Train
  • to Motivate
  • to Update
  • to Guide
  • to Encourage

“If the conduction is not ready to conduct, for it to conduct is annoying,
if the conduction unit is ready to conduct, for it not to conduct is
annoying, but if the conduction unit is ready to conduct, for it to
conduct is satisfying.” The most motivating product, service, solution is
less engaging and the most engaging product, service, solution is less
engaging is less motivating. Hence, a need for a balance

About GHITECH's Pioneer

Ogundolire Henry Feyisayo (Ph.D.) - Learning Experience Designer

I am Ogundolire Henry Feyisayo even though the majority of people know me as Ifedayo Henry. I have over 8 years’ experience in learning experience design (Instructional design, development, Learning science and learning technology-Educational technology). I started my teaching career in 2001 as a pre-service teacher posted to teach in a secondary school and upon graduation from Osun state College of Education, Ilesa, I started teaching fully in 2004. I have taught in Primary school, Technical college, Secondary school, and University. I usually teach Engineering drawing/Technical drawing, Applied electricity/electronics/ Introductory/Basic Technology in post-primary schools.

I started Learning system design and development career in 2012 when I first created my first e-learning course on a puzzle game, and ever since I have been teaching/training students/trainees (undergraduate and postgraduate) across schools and three universities: the University of Ibadan, the University of Technology Minna and Babcock University how to create e-learning courses.

I have participated in both international and national learning design and development projects with organizations/institutions (UNESCO, UNICEF, University of Victoria Canada, Flexisaf, H. Pierson, etc.)

I started using authoring tools like Articulate storyline, captivate and Lectora, Camtasia, Adobe flash since 2012 and I have trained quite a several post-graduate students in Educational technology on how to use these tools to create learning experiences. I have authored over 200 e-learning contents and courses covering different subjects and disciplines across the domains of learning.

I hold B.Sc. (Ed) and NCE in Technical Education (Electrical/Electronic Technology) from Tai-solarin University of Education and Osun State College of Education respectively. My area of interest covers the wider range of ICT and technologies use to expedite the teaching-learning process especially in the area of gamification, games, Social Media. Also, I am passionate about equipping people across the board to acquire skills needed to stay relevant in the globalized society, and passing the same skills to people. In addition to my multifaceted skills, program instruction, evaluative techniques and appropriate learning theories with relevance to the new system thinking in Learning and Development are also part of my core competencies.

I have publications in learning system designs as an individual and collaboration with my postgraduate studies supervisor and colleagues.

I possess a Master and Ph.D. in Educational/Instructional technology from the University of Ibadan.

I am writing a book on ‘Contextualizing Learning Systems Design and Development in Africa’

I have reviewed the works of top organizations in e-learning (Coursera, Alison, Skillsoft, Udemy, Khan Academy, Comlab). And I have my reviews on each of them.

I am a husband of one wife with a lovely daughter (Mercy)…

I am passionate about using technology to solve problems, especially in teaching-learning across the board. However, technology can’t solve all the problems in learning. Technology is only a partner in learning. Mishra and Kohler came up with a framework in 2006 called TPACK: That, for any Learning to take place with technology, it must have three domains interacting with each other regularly to produce four additional domains. They are Content knowledge (CK), Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) and technological knowledge (TK). This framework is premised upon what Shulman did in 1956.

I passionately believe learning should be human-focused, it’s based on this idea that I founded GHI-TECH SOLUTIONS to address the problem of learning and development among L & D professionals, teachers across board inclusive. To design an effective learning system, it must be human-focused, which I have tagged to be Human-focused Learning (HFL). Human-focused Learning involves every factor that makes us human. Learning should be more human-focused. It should not be content-laden but concise instructions that could lead to experiences without sacrificing quality content. ‘Content is king but the experience is emperor’. Nobody learns without experience, and creating experiential learning requires treating people as humans. One important component of being human is “Emotion”. Human emotions must be factored into any learning experiences. GHI-TECH SOLUTIONS is poised to fill this gap. GHI-TECH SOLUTIONS believes in ‘Learn once, remember always’ strategy.