Lesson Note Creator

It has been well said that a good lesson note is the beginning of a journey that eventually leads to learning. Learning cannot take place without teaching and teaching and that equally cannot take place without a proper and intentional planning, and planning is the process of writing a lesson note supposedly to be used for a unit of lesson. Writing lesson note is still being carried out manually in almost of African educational institutions. That is, teachers will practically write their lesson notes with paper and pen.

And most of the time, it takes a lot of time to even write just one lesson unit for a class let alone for the entire class. A survey report shows that an average teacher uses almost 1-2 hours to write a lesson note for a class, imagine, if one teacher is writing for about four classes. You can be very sure that, such a teacher will not be effective. What teachers normally do is to copy lesson notes or reuse lesson notes as the case may especially if the class is the same as it’s in the previous years, but little do they know that each class is unique and different in every way.

So, how do we solve the problem? As a result of the herculean task of writing lesson note, teachers do not usually develop themselves career wise. And if teachers will have to prepare students for the Industry fourth revolution, they will have to competently develop themselves.

GHITECH has a solution called LNC

LNC stands for Lesson Note Creator.

Over the years, it has been generally observed that for learning to take place, there must be a teacher and teacher must have a lesson plan. Teachers across board are usually encumbered with lesson note writing to a level each teacher is grossly occupied to a point that their creativity is stiffen and buried.

GHITECH observes this gap that, teachers need help to create their lesson note so that they can focus more on reading and improving themselves professionally. LNC is created to help you create your lesson note in less than 5 minutes. Click here for a demo.