Authentic learning should be planned, and when such is missing then we say, if you have failed to plan, which means you have already planned to fail. There is no solid structure without a plan.

For instance, the analogy of building a house can be compared to that of learning. If learning will ever take place, it must be planned and if otherwise, it will result to useless knowledge that can’t produce a result capable of breeding revolution.

What we do when we want learning to take place, we plan for it. This is called, “Design”.

Design is a systematic and scientific process that outlines in detail what is to be done to avoid calamities and causalities in order to achieve a project/product/service/process. Planning is related to designing. Designing learning involves a lot of processes: For what, for whom, for how and for when. The following questions must be answered before design can really take its proper perspective. “The what, the who/for whom; the how, and the when”

At GHITECH, we use proven systematic models to design learning and more importantly, learning is contextualized. Every organization is different, the goal, target audience, working environment, extrinsic and intrinsic motivating factors differ from one corporate organization to another.

GHITECH carries out extensive research to discover what is most suitable for your organization based on the trend, timing and process in your organization.