2020 May


30 May: Finding A Point of Connection…….

Have you ever wondered how on earth would you be able to create different learning experiences for the target audience with diverse backgrounds and cultures? It’s one of the aspects of my work that takes my time a lot.  I don’t know whether I would be able to convince you, but one thing is certain, you might find a few lessons you can pick from My Story.    Last week, I talked a little bit about my barracks life, and how it has conditioned me to pay attention to visually appealing elements in an event. There’s one aspect I missed out…


30 May: A Follow-up Article: Tell Your Story

In my last week’s article titled Tell Your Story, I mentioned very subtly the possible reason Mr. Ijila’s illustration resonated with me. I quietly said, maybe my background or my upbringing. I will briefly tell you about my background. I was typically born into a military family, and to be precise Police. I was born in the same year my father was enlisted into the Nigerian Police Force, so I lived my life in barracks, I didn’t leave barracks until a year before I got married. In barracks, particular elements are associated with people who had lived in barracks at one…