2020 June


23 Jun: ….Is Learning Global or Contextual? Part 1

In recent years in my life, I had opportunities to question so many of what has been handed down to me, and one of such phenomena is Learning. In my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I have read a lot of theories, frameworks, strategies, models as they evolve, most of these theories, models, strategies, techniques are related to learning or psychology of learning or even brain-based theories. In the last 10 years, a lot of synergies between educational technologists and other disciplines such as neuroscience, learning science, etc have gained tractions and attention among learning professionals. This is so because of the nature…


15 Jun: Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Heutagogy: Which is the Best Strategy for your Target audience?

Creating sticky, memorable, action-centric and human-focused learning experiences for a particular group of people requires so many factors to be considered, among such factors is the kind of strategy to explore when creating learning experiences that are geared towards ‘Learn once and remember always’. A strategy is generally described as the science of doing something, that is, the rationale of formulating and implementing a framework that’s suitable for a group of people. Without a strategy, there is no way we can get to already determined goals. Most learning designers and developers might not have given a thought over the type…


08 Jun: The User’s Demography and Psychography

Read A Dialogue Story Between An E-learning Consultant And A Learning Director: Client: Hello! Am I on to Mr. Smith, the Learning Technologist? Mr. Smith (LC): Yes, this is Smith. May I know who is on the line, please? Client: This is Jennifer, I am the director of learning at Links Associates LTD. LC: Great! Jennifer, how may I help? Client: I visited your website and I noticed you are into e-learning design and development. LC: Yes, you are right! Client: That’s fine! we have about four (4) courses we want to turn into e-learning courses. LC: Okay! That’s fantastic! Client: But I have a problem, I want…