The User’s Demography and Psychography

Read A Dialogue Story Between An E-learning Consultant And A Learning Director:

Client: Hello! Am I on to Mr. Smith, the Learning Technologist?

Mr. Smith (LC): Yes, this is Smith. May I know who is on the line, please?

Client: This is Jennifer, I am the director of learning at Links Associates LTD.

LC: Great! Jennifer, how may I help?

Client: I visited your website and I noticed you are into e-learning design and development.

LC: Yes, you are right!

Client: That’s fine! we have about four (4) courses we want to turn into e-learning courses.

LC: Okay! That’s fantastic!

Client: But I have a problem, I want these courses to be engaging, interactive, memorable, action-centric, and above all human-focused. Please, what would it take to achieve this level of interaction?

LC: Okay, that’s simple, that’s my area of expertise!

Client: I am glad I finally found an expert in these areas. I know you would be able to create those courses for us because I interacted with some of your courses, I have no doubts about your delivery.

LC: Thank you for the compliment! Let’s start by first determining your intended users. What are the main characteristics of your target audience?

Client: I don’t seem to follow.

LC: What I meant is this, creating e-learning courses with this level of interaction requires I know much about your users’ demographics and psychographics as fundamental elements to consider before initiating the process.

Client: Ah! This strange ooo! Are you also a medical doctor? Because it’s only medical doctors I know diagnose their patients.

LC: No! it’s a normal procedure to better understand your intended users in order to create learning experiences that are appropriate, suitable, and adaptable.

Client: This is amazing! Okay, how do we start?

LC: If you have some data about your intended users that you would like to share with us, that will be fine, but if you don’t have any, we can help you achieve one.

Client: Okay, I will prefer the latter option.

LC: I will send you a template to fill.

Client: Okay, that will make my work easier. Humm! I will send you my email address after the call.

LC: Exactly, that’s what we need to kick start. Once we determine the characteristics of your intended users, it would inform us of the accurate and precise direction to follow.

Client: Okay, thank you, Mr. Smith, I will expect your mail then we can discuss further after your analysis.

LC: Thank you, Jennifer, for reaching out. It’s nice speaking with you.

Client: Bye!

LC: Bye!!!

What am I talking about in this section? It’s about the user’s demographics and psychographics. How much of your user’s demographics and psychographics do you know?

Wait a minute! What are the user’s demographics and psychographics?

User’s Demographics

These are physical characteristics of your users in terms of sizes, structures, development, location, age, gender, marital status, race, educational background, user’s device type, and employment status, etc.

User’s Psychographics

These are the user’s personality traits of individuals that are in-built within a person. They are qualities inherent in a person that define how a person responds or reacts to whatever comes to him/her through the five sense organs. Examples are learning styles, values, interests, tastes, preferences, and attitudes.

Knowing the characteristic of your intended users from these two categories is tied to the generation of your intended users belong to. For instance, experts in demography and psychography categorized users into some level of generations:

  1. Generation of ‘Y’ – called Gen “Y” users born between 1980-1994 within the age range of 25-39years
  2. Generation “Z” –­ called Gen “Z” user born between 1995-2009 within the age range of 10-24 years
  3. Generation “Alpha” – Called Gen “A” users were born and would be born between 2010-2024 within under 10 years

Based on the dialogue that ensued between LC and the Client, what’s the possible generation of the intended users that would interact with the e-learning courses, LC wants to create for his client? And also, what are the basic characteristics of the appropriate generation of users based on the dialogue?

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